Forex & Binary options scam

There are 2 types of trading brokers a regulated broker and an unregulated broker If you are trading with a regulated broker then you are gambling it’s not different than going to the casino (especially trading in Binary Options) and if you are trading with an unregulated company then you are going to lose your funds. (You never stood a chance) they will either tell you that you have a bonus and you cannot withdraw or they will tell you that you should use an automated system which will lose your funds in minutes. They will also offer you an RFT  an insured trade that if losses they will pay you back meaning you will get a bonus but can’t withdraw, or just send us all the documents and then you will speak with an account manager to convince you to stay, either way the odds are you will never see your funds again especially if you invested a large amount.

Some people are embarrassed to admit that they got scammed, Some people are not even aware that they got scammed and they think they lost their funds in the ligament financial markets.

By Getting your funds back you don’t only help yourself you make sure they will have less money to lure their next victim.

So how to withdraw your funds from unregulated brokers?

Did you sign a bonus?

Were you promised to get you funds back and nothing happened?

You are not alone, Contact us and we will make sure that they will pay.

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