I thought that my life is over
because of binary options.

I was a student and they took everything
I had, today I finally got back on track
and restoring my life.

Took away my business and my marriage
I was convinced and pressured
to invest all my business and my savings,

and to lose my marriage,
now I got another chance in my life.

Was sure that everything was gone.
After investing our entire savings in a scam
and even taking money from other people,

only because we wanted better future
for our children and grandchildren. Now
we can actually save something for them.


After my divorce, I was a single mom and I was looking for a secondary income, while looking online I encountered a video that claimed that I could make tens of thousands of pounds without spending a single penny. Shortly after I got a call from a very nice lady that said that I need to invest 250 pounds to start making profits but I will be able to take it back at any point that I wish. The second call I got from the so called broker was not as pleasant and he insisted that if I invest another 5,000 pounds that I do not have I will be able to get the results that I. After I have been stupid enough to invest those funds using my credit card he lost my funds with in 3 days I couldn’t reach him ever again. Only after visiting the Payback website I finally got closure.

Karen 44 years old from the UK

2 Years I was looking for good investments opportunities online after investing many years in the Singapore stock exchange, I left my details and got a call from one of these BinaryOptions broker, He presented me with there way of trading in the markets which I really liked and eventually invested over 150 thousand us dollars under the impression that I have insource in my account and I cannot lose those funds once I needed to withdraw some funds I discovered their true face and that I fell victim to a scam. Only after contacting the PayBack team I could recover my financial situation.

Mr. Lim
Mr. Lim 61 years old from Singapore

3 years ago Robert: I was looking to improve my lifestyle after the retirement. I decided to take a chance even though it looked to good to be true to invest in a binary options broker who claimed that they were based in London. At the beginning my initial investment 1500 gbp grew to 3000 faster than a blink of an eye. Immediately the broker suggested that I will transfer my savings and pension to the broker. At the time it made sense. Eventually I invested all my savings.
Judith: I was concerned of the big investment that Robert made because I always thought that trading in the market is gambling. After speaking with the broker which sounded very convincing(Although his foreign accent) we decided to move ahead. Few month later the broker has stopped picking up the phone and we were unable to access the funds that we invested. We got to a point that we need to live on our children expense, and it almost cost us our marriage. With PayBack we were able to get our life back to normal.

Robert and Judith Thompson
Robert and Judith Thompson 74, 76. UK

About a year ago I was searching online how to make some more money for myself , I was a student so I needed money badly. I encountered a marketing video that said that everyone can make money without doing anything. After I left my details ITS STARTED. I started receiving hundreds of phone calls every day. Finally i agreed to invest the minimum amount and explained that I’m a student and i don’t have a lot of money. It didn’t stop them, different brokers called me and pressured me to invest more, so I did. They lost all my money in 3 days and i never heard from them before. I learned by the hard way that there is no easy money. This year I’m going to finish my studies finally and to save some money for my self.

Brandon Roberts
Brandon Roberts 25 years old from Canada

Few years ago I discovered the binary options field and I was actually amazed. I started with 500$ and was promised to get the robot. After they told me that I should do it only manually and with a broker so I did. I sold my car and all my jewelry to invest more. I also took credit and loan from the bank because the broker told me he has a plan and we will use their money against them. I was fool enough to believe it. I was broke I took money from my family to eat and to live. When I didn’t have to invest more so they didn’t call me, I started to trade by myself and I saw that I’m winning. After few days I traded by myself again and I saw that they changed the settings so I will only lose. Obviously i didn’t get a penny from them and got totally ignored. Today I’m working hard and got my life back, I hope that nobody else will go through what I have been through.

Suzanne 32 years old from Australia

After starting my own business i discovered that its not that easy and i need more funds and fast. So like every normal person these days i went online. I looked for different ways to generate myself another income because all what i had i invested in my business. I was shocked how fast they contacted me and was very nice and kind in the beginning. I kindly invest the 250$, but from there everything just went worse for me. I was pressured to invest thousands of dollars by the guarantee that everything is safe and secured. At the beginning i made some profits, once i wanted to withdraw they just gave me another opportunity to invest so i did. And it just kept going until i didn’t have more money to invest. I took credits and loans from the bank that i am still paying and i will pay for long time. Today I can say that im starting to recover and to rebuild my life again.

Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper 37 years old from USA
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